Private Dignified In – Home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye is something none of us want to do and might even try to avoid. We assist to ease the pain and to do the right thing by helping your pet have a dignified last breath that’s pain free and full of love. Our In Home Euthanasia is a better way to say goodbye to a loved one.

-You’re pet will not be stressed with a car ride, hospital smells and commotion.

-You can grieve alone instead of in front of other pet owners.

-And if you’re not comfortable with being present when the euthanasia is administered, you will feel at ease knowing you’re fur-baby is calm lying in their favorite spot (or wherever you’d like) and being loved by our staff as they fall asleep.  

How does in home Euthanasia work?

For your pets comfort our vet will sedate your pet prior to Euthanasia, this will take approximately 5-15 minutes

 Many pet owners choose to help hold their pet and if possible even have the pet in their arms at the time of euthanasia.

Once fully sedated, the Vet will give a second injection in the veil which will euthanize your pet humanly. The pet, although completely unconscious, may continue to take a few more breaths before all movement ceases. We have found that the older and sicker the pet the longer this unconscious breathing state goes on.

 Our veterinarian usually will place the pet onto a stretcher and carry the deceased pet out to our vehicle or you can keep your pets body and we can give suggestions for your next step. If you choose to have the pet cremated our veterinarian generally will make the arrangements through a cremation service and notify you when you can expect to have the ashes returned or the ashes may be mailed directly to your home.

Generally, pet owners are surprised at the small quantity of ashes that are returned. Remember, most living creatures are about 95 percent water.

 It is perfectly reasonable to ask "How do I know that the ashes that I receive will actually be those of my pet?" Everyone wonders about that. We will provide you with the name and phone number of the cremation service. Don't be afraid to call up the cremation service and tell them your concerns about your pet.

 It is neither unusual nor unreasonable for pet owners to save a bit of their pet's fur as a physical remembrance of their special friend. Some people want their pet to be buried or cremated with a few photos, or a rose or even a personal letter or poem from the pet owner to their pet.

  Here's another suggestion: You may want someone to be with you after the euthanasia appointment. You may be surprised how difficult it can be after such an emotional event as what you just experienced.


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  • "Thank You to Paws and Claws for the excellent care you gave my dog Kori today. She feels so much better already!"
    Mary Lou B. - Granada Hills, CA